City of Arts

The Spartanburg Skyline

Since today was absolutely beautiful outside, I decided to drive around and take pictures of some of the art that abounds in Sparkle City. Thanks to Hub-Bub, a local nonprofit dedicated to cultivating community in Spartanburg through the Arts, the city has blossomed into the incredible arts ganglion it is now.

Here’s a little of what I discovered today.


A church founded by bikers



    Graffiti Wall on the East End 


Graffiti on River Road 


Hub-Bub Parking Lot


Hub City Art Park near downtown


Tree Shadows

(Come on, you knew I had to put trees in here somewhere!) 🙂


I dare you to go outside one day this week and hunt for something to photograph. You’ll find incredible treasures if you take the time–I just know it! If you do, blog about it and comment below with the link so we can all see. Have fun!


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