Twenty Things I’ve Learned from My Father

It’s my dad’s 50th birthday today, so this post is dedicated to him.

My dad on Christmas day (Photo courtesy of Amanda Kuykendall)

Some of the things my dad has taught me:

  1. How to ride a bike without training wheels
  2. How to check the oil in my car and how to take care of my tires
  3. To appreciate James Taylor, CCR, The Doobie Brothers, Kansas, The Eagles, and even Kenny Rogers
  4. NOT to Armor-All my car 🙂
  5. How to make a cup of coffee (This one is of paramount importance in my life!)
  6. How to handle people who are mean to me: In third grade, some of the girls in my class were being catty and had hurt my feelings. Dad told me about how when he was little, he would give a candybar to people who were mean to him. I gave the girls M&Ms as a gesture of kindness, a turning of the other cheek. Now, I don’t give candy to the meanies anymore, but I learned through this that sometimes, the quickest way to knock an enemy off his feet is to show him the love of Christ through kindness.
  7. How to do doughnuts on the ice in a parking lot…when I was ten (I’ve NEVER tried this, though!) 🙂
  8. To walk away from a fight in order to avoid saying or doing something I’d regret later
  9. How to do the airplane dance (inside joke)
  10. How to make do and make merry with whatever I have, wherever I am
  11. That little girls deserve roses, too
  12. What to do when I get the dreadful blue screen on a PC
  13. How to use a hammer and screwdriver
  14. How to work hard and keep working
  15. That while the Army gets the beans, the Army is still the best (HOOAH!)
  16. That the best way to annoy a little brother and to stop him from bugging me is to ignore his teasing (I love you, bud!)
  17. That when God calls, no matter where it is, you obey, no matter the cost
  18. When you are taking your vehicle, full of your entire family’s possessions, through customs in Puerto Cortes, Honduras, the best day to do it is during the World Cup, and the best way to get around their “one box” policy is to duct tape cardboard around the entire inside of the truck to make it all one box.
  19. That finishing what you start brings honor to God (He finishes his degree this coming summer!!!!)
  20. That roots are what you make of them, be they family or places

I could go on for hours, really. I’ve been truly blessed with a Godly man as a father, one who has shown me a glimpse of what the heart of my heavenly Father looks like.

I love you, Dad. Happy birthday!

~Your princess


4 thoughts on “Twenty Things I’ve Learned from My Father

  1. You are truly blessed, Miranda! So glad to read all these things you learned from your daddy. I think my favorite one is number 18, but then number 11 touches my heart.

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