Unearthings and Discoveries

These past few months have been teeming with change, as I’ve watched many a leaf fall from my heart’s tree and felt its roots grow deeper with every passing day. Some changes have been subtle; others louder and more obnoxious than a seventh grade marching band at its first competition. Still, I’ve always believed that change creates growth, and, my friend, I sure have grown. With this growth and these changes have come some realizations–some unearthings of things hidden and some discoveries of things never before seen.

  • I have some paradoxical, yet deep roots. My roots are etched with grit and grace, service and strength, piety and pride. After my father discovered his biological family just over a year ago, so much began to fall into place.
  • I’m a total nerd. And I’m proud of it. A few days ago, someone commented that few people would have a list of things to learn this year on a marker board, ready to be checked off. But I do. So far, I’ve learned about the Mandelbrot Set, fractals/imaginary numbers, and brewing coffee with a Chemex. I still plan to review basic physics, algebra, and chemistry. I hope to read all of Austen and all of the Bronte sisters. I want to memorize a book of the Bible. I want to become more fluent in Chinese, Irish Gaelic, and ASL (which, after having taught a Deaf student for several weeks now, I’m beginning to accomplish!). I want to learn how to brew coffee with a siphon brewer.
  • I really, really, really love reading. I love reading strange things and beautiful things and hard things. I refer to a number of authors and poets by their first names. You mean you call her Mrs. Woolf? She’s just Virginia to me. Ha!
  • Just because people need help does not mean I always need to be the one to offer and provide it.
  • I absolutely adore cooking. I’d known that before and was known for that before, but now that my time is a little freer, by golly I sure do love whipping up something exotic in the kitchen, even if it takes two hours (like the amazing Maklouba I have cooking right now). I love shopping in the produce aisle for brightly-colored and healthy foods, then figuring out what to do with them when I get home.
  • I don’t really like TV much. I cut the cord about two months ago, and now I watch a few shows online here and there along with one or two a week on TV (antenna).
  • Reading God’s Word before even getting out of bed is a total game-changer. End of story.
  • I want to make Spartanburg my real home. I’ve joined a small group at my church, and I’ve grown and learned so much in the past two months. I’ll officially be a member of the church on Sunday, and after that, I’ll start working in the coffee ministry here and there. I plan on also continuing my periodic adult education class because I love the job, and I enjoy having the opportunity to sow into my community.
  • I’m a strange teacher. I don’t like to do everything the way it’s always been done. And you know what? I’m seeing positive results in my students.
  • The plank in my eye is always ever so much larger than the speck in another’s. If something is getting on my nerves, I need to either deal with it in love with that person or let. it. go.
  • When something does knock me off my feet, unnerve me, or get me excited, it’s often God trying to get my attention through a καιρός (kairos) moment.
  • Jesus loves us just as much as God loves Him. See John 15:2 if you don’t believe me.
  • My Maklouba is ready (and apparently stuck to the bottom of my pan). So are the papers I still have to grade tonight. 🙂

What unearthings and discoveries have you experienced lately? How has God shown you pieces of Himself in your life?


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