What the annoying bird and the misshapen tree taught me


It’s crazy how the song of the annoying bird above me still glorifies our Creator, isn’t it? His song is neither melodic nor soothing, nor any kind of competition for the other birds around, but he is loved and listened to all the same. He probably even scares all the other birds away with his wretched excuse for a tune…but he keeps on singing.

And the tree next to me – it has no “tree-like” shape to speak of; in fact, Charlie Brown’s tree would upstage it. Even still, it stands, proud and green, and I can’t help but wonder if maybe part of its destiny was for this day and this moment, to teach me more about the Father’s glory. Without this tree and its life-giving oxygen, that bird could never sing in the first place.

I think that maybe if that tree had a voice, it would speak to all who would hear: “I may have a voice, but you have arms, hands, legs, feet, eyes, ears, a heart, and a soul. I stand here day and night, but God has blessed you with everything you need to reach out, to go to the world. Who is doing a better job of reflecting His glory: You? Or me?

Mr. Annoying Bird has fluttered away to share his song with other ears now. I see what You’re showing me, God. I hear You.

No matter how off-key and dissonant your song, and no matter how scrawny or unsightly your branches may be, you have a role to play in reflecting God’s glory in this dark world. So, sing loudly, and stand proudly because the world has need of the Jesus in you.


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