On Jasper and Jesus


Jasper, my cat, is a rather fast learner. He’s figured out that if I’ve made one trip to the kitchen in the morning to put the kettle on before my shower, then my next trip to the kitchen will be to take the kettle off the burner and then to feed him. As a result, he’s learned that if I’m brushing my teeth, food comes next. This morning was no different. He bugged and bugged me by meowing and pushing himself into my path, making sure his presence was known.

“Dude. I know you’re hungry. I need to finish this first, and then I promise I’ll feed you. Chill out.”


“Really, Jasper? Don’t I always take care of you? After two years, you still worry about me feeding you in the morning?”

*Steps right in front of where I need to walk*

“Jazz, I’m almost done.”

Then the Holy Spirit speaks. “He’s just like you. I know what you need before you ask Me, and I always take care of you, but you still come back and beg and plead and try to make your presence known as if to imply that without your reminder, I won’t act on your behalf.”


Guys, let’s sit back and let God be God. The teakettle just might not be whistling, and the timing might not be right. He knows what we need before we ask. He will act. He will.


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