Six years ago, I was working two jobs during a semester off from college. I’d substitute teach from 7:30am to 3:30pm a number of days, then head straight to the bookstore to work until anywhere from 11:30pm to 2am. It was during this time that I became absolutely addicted to/dependent upon coffee (I was, after all, a barista) and Coca-Cola. Water was often an afterthought.

I wrote in my journal one day during this time:

Have you ever noticed the fact that the more water you drink, the thirstier you become?

I’ll be honest here. On the days when I spend little time with Jesus, I get so caught up in myself and in my day that I don’t even realize I’m missing Him until late in the day. Science has proven that a person who is not thirsty is already dehydrated.

But when I wake up to His beautiful face in the morning, dive into His Word, and spend the day communing with Him despite everything around me, I can’t get enough. The more H2O I drink, the thirstier I become. Christ said that He is the living water. He also said that whoever drinks of this water will thirst no more, but if you can drink from a well of His living water, why would you want to ever stop?

“Could I really be this thirsty if there weren’t something more?”


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