You’re sailing distant seas,
fighting foreign foes,
wandering for years
back to a home that doesn’t know your face.

You’re praying silent prayers,
whispering hopeful dreams,
living lamentations
of the life you thought would be.

But you’re risking all to trust,
pining for the Light,
taking blind steps in the dark,
walking across the bridge despite the plank that isn’t there.

It’s the odyssey that changes us,
the fight and fire that weather us,
the sleepless nights, the lonely cries,
the voyages that bring us home to who we are.

It’s the steps of faith that guide us,
the wrestling that strengthens us,
the giving up of all we have
to reach up for all You are – You are our home.

MK, 7/6/12

(Work in Progress)


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