I’ve thought a lot lately about impact – about how what we do or fail do do can utterly change the courses of others’ lives. I think most of us, if we’re honest, would say that we want to know for certain at some point in our lives that we changed someone else for the better, for good. So we focus on the bonfire and on the flood, when really, it’s the small things that make the most difference.

I think of Lena with her cardboard sign that said, “Will sing for money” in the streets of Athens, GA, singing “Blackbird” to my group of Christian college kids. Her song echoes in my head even today. What if that small gift we gave saved her life? I think of the hands we hold, the children we comfort, the letters we write, the phone calls we make in the dead of night. I think of the warring prayers amidst the tornadoes of our loved ones’ hearts, the meal we serve to the homeless man, the smile we give to the cashier at Walmart.

And I think…We are all blackbirds. We might not carry a flashy billboard – it might just be a cardboard sign. We might not be pretty to gaze upon.  Our wings might be broken sometimes. We might get on other people’s nerves. We might be a little strange or too awkward or too outspoken or too quiet…but we are blackbirds, and we have a song to sing in the dead of night. We are only “waiting for this moment to arise.” And it’s in those moments – not the earth-shattering thunder in the sky or the overpowering tsunami of the soul – that we have the most impact. It’s in those moments that the balm of Christ works through us. Because when you and I and every other member of the Body of Christ decide to do our part, many wounds of the world can be healed. And that dark, black night? We can light it up like the Fourth of July with the hope of Christ.



4 thoughts on “Blackbirds

  1. I believe in the small things too…wholeheartedly. When my husband feeds my little beta fish, or runs to the store to get my favorite protein drink…and he doesnt say a word about the cost. Or the cost of my favorite coffee drinks, which he has also brought home to me on a Saturday : ) And he is providing for our future.
    My sister has a super busy life, yet is willing to come feed and care for my cats when we go on vacation…and it is just because of love!
    My best friend cleans my shower sometimes because she knows it is tough on my wrists. She loves to share her special treats with me : ) She has given me gluten-free snacks when she finds something, knowing how much I enjoy that. She thinks of things she knows I will like or that I need and brings to me. And the fact that she lets me sing and harmonize with her is amazing for me…because she is my most favorite singer with an awesome talent from God. I treasure the little things…especially the framed pictures of us!!!
    My Mom recently found my childhood china teaset in their attic. She asked me if I wanted it, & I said YES! Before giving to me, she related by phone how it was in great condition except for one broken cup and saucer. I said it was fine…and she quickly said my Daddy had already glued it back together like new. It still makes me cry! My parents are the.most giving people I know…to everyone. So is my Sis, & so is my best friend!
    So am I blessed? Absolutely, beyond words. Those little things to me are huge!!! Priceless.
    One last story. This summer, our new kittens had flea eggs, which hatched, & we had a mess to deal with. My sweet friend who wrote this blog, offered to come over and help me bathe them! At the risk of taking one home to her own cat, I felt that as quite generous.
    Thank you Lord…I only scratched the surface. The little thungs DO make the biggest difference!!!

      1. ..and one more sweet kindness. I have, in the past few years, broken my 30+ year record of safe, scratch free driving. I bumped my car lightly a few times in the driveway, enough to need a bit of repair (which my Dad did 🙂 My hubny never once shamed me or made me feel like a dummy, knowing how badly I already felt. That truly meant alot to me!

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