Mile Markers

I am currently sitting out alone in the middle of the woods, helping with my school’s 5K fundraiser. My job is to cheer the runners on, tell them to turn left, and advise them to be careful running down the hill.


This whole thing got me thinking…So many times, I want to be the one at the end of the race to receive the runners and congratulate them on finishing well. But maybe that isn’t where God wants me. Each of us has his/her place in people’s lives. Some of us are there to help people get started on their race. Others of us are supposed to be mile markers and cheer people on their way through, pointing them in the right direction and warning them about pitfalls ahead. And maybe our job sometimes is to receive the winners when they finally finish the race.

Regardless of where we are, let us be content to serve the Lord and those in our lives in the place God has us. We might not always get to see the end of the race, but we will have helped the runners get there.


One thought on “Mile Markers

  1. Dear Mindy, Enjoyed your musings, I always wanted to be the winner, now I”m grateful to be the tail, because I get the prize any way !!! Love


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