29 Things Before 30

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What a year this has been. I’ve changed careers, found true community, been stretched immensely (and become all the better for it), learned to slow down and stop. planning. every. single. thing. in. my. life. andjustbespontaneous, and found roots – found HOME…yes, in this place, but mostly in the people who surround me and pour into my life (and allow me to be a part of theirs). I’ve seen some amazing places I’d never been to (Cade’s Cove in Tennessee and Charleston, SC, for example), learned to love fried okra and like country music, stepped out on the dance floor (both literally and figuratively), and baked more cheesecakes than ever before.

So I’ve got one more year in my twenties. And I want to make it count for something. I want to make it count for my life, for this community I’m in, for eternity. With that in mind, I’m making a list of 29 things to do before I turn 30 on August 24 of next year. Some are just for fun, while others are more serious. I’ll share some of them here.

  1. Go back to Savannah to visit.
  2. Give to at least three missions endeavours.
  3. Learn some really good American food recipes (and make them!).
  4. Read Metaxas’ bio of Bonhoeffer, Bonhoeffer’s The Cost of Discipleship, Tozer’s The Pursuit of God, and Lewis’ Mere Christianity
  5. Finish writing A Radical Grace.
  6. Make Scripture memorization a priority.
  7. Learn to cook beef properly.
  8. Read good poetry (and write some, too).
  9. Spend more time with my many “little sisters”.
  10. Learn Italian – for real this time.
  11. Walk in humility, openness, graciousness, kindness, and mercy.
  12. Minimalize. Not to the extreme to which others take it, but still…

There are (and will be) more – some of which I won’t post here. What are some things you’d like to do before your next birthday?


One thought on “29 Things Before 30

  1. This was interesting and so cool to read, as I have had the privilege of witnessing many of these recent changes. Your list is neat…I hope to have carved the time I need in order to begin writing some articles, beginning with our ministry newsletter. Mostly growing in godliness type stuff. : )
    Love ya MK, and hope the missions trip has been a blast!

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