I’d already made a surprise caramel cheesecake, but I came *this close* to stopping at the Mexican taco stand to pick up some tacos al pastor to take with me. And later that day, I took another (not surprise) caramel cheesecake to someone else’s house…but I almost stopped to pick up bread and cheese, too…Because that way I’d be bringing enough.

We really had plenty of time to get things going while they waited for me to gather last-minute materials during youth ministry on Friday, but I still ran. Literally – I ran. Because that way I’d be fast enough.

I could have grabbed a box mix and made that cake, and probably no one would have noticed. But I had to make it from scratch. Because that way I’d be impressive enough.

I could just spend time and chill out, but I’m always thinking of new things to cook. Because that way I’d contribute enough.

I could have let you see me as I am – dirt, grime, confetti, and all – but instead, I bore a stoic face or made my smile a lie. Because that way I’d be tough enough, solid enough, giving enough.

And I hear Jesus say, “ENOUGH!”

Because we’re never going to give enough food or run with enough speed or smile with enough sincerity to satisfy ourselves. The ironic thing about it is that people – real, genuine people worth our time and hearts and lives – will always value presence over presents.

And Jesus is more than enough for all of us and all of our desires to please. He is pleased with who we are because we are His. And 2 Corinthians 5:14 says, “The love of Christ compels us”. Our lives should be lived out of the abundance of His love, our every action taken out of a deep compulsion to live, as John Piper said, like “the glory of God is man fully alive”. It needn’t be out of duty because that would make us slaves to Him. No. He calls us sons and daughters and friends. And sons and daughters and friends should do things out of love.

Because that way, His love is made in us…complete enough.