Spoilers, Sweetie

When God tells me to watch an episode of Doctor Who, it’s not like I’m going to argue or anything. I mean, it may or may not be most definitely is my very favorite show of all time. And how dare I disobey a direct command from God, right?

Enter “Silence in the Library.” You’ve got The Doctor and his friend traveling to a planet that is actually a massive library. The episode has lots of twists and turns, not the least of which is a person The Doctor meets. He gets that strange feeling that she knows him…but he can’t figure out who she is. And every time he asks for details, she says, “Spoilers!”

It’s an understood fact in science fiction literature and film that when people travel in time, they aren’t supposed to mess with the past (or future) by giving up information that the people in that time don’t already have. A slight hint could alter the entire space-time continuum and revolutionize history (or the future). Which is why multiple times in the episode, this friend reminds The Doctor that any information she gives him would be a spoiler.

Almost two hours later, I got it. I got why He told me to watch. It’s because when you’re walking in the dark with only a small light (His Word) to guide you for the very next step, it can be easy to get frustrated with Him for not giving more information. But what if that information would alter the very fabric of your future? I’m not saying God can’t handle stuff or that He isn’t omnipotent, but what if superfluous information would compel us to make it happen rather than trust Him?

“Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding. In all your ways, acknowledge Him, and He will direct your path.” Proverbs 3:5-6

So…this week, as we walk in whatever dark or light He has us in and are tempted to ask for more than we need to know, let’s turn our ears in His direction and hear His whisper: “Spoilers, sweetie. Spoilers.” And let’s begin to revel in the fact that He loves surprising us. Will you join me?


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