Fiat Lux

One small thing created such havoc upon the waters over the earth that it sparked light. One small thing put breath in man’s lungs, companionship beside him. One small thing gave names to every living creature we know and have ever known. One small thing finished it all, once and for all. It is finished.

And that one small thing – that one small thing we take so lightly, so carelessly, so thoughtlessly at times – has the power to break chains and heal disasters or enslave hearts and plummet souls into chaos. That one small thing can conquer the grave or bring massacres to generations.

Fiat lux – Let there be light – that one small phrase whispered over the earth created waves that have lasted millennia, created time itself.

And that same, small, powerful thing lives within us. We choose. We have the power to create light or destroy it. The power to speak life or keep quiet. The power to heal or to wound.

We choose. We choose to let His coal touch our lips and cleanse us or turn away and kiss the slave-master of sin once more. We choose.

Fiat lux. Let there be light.


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