Feed My Sheep

Here in Guatemala, malnutrition is a major problem. Corn is one of the main crops, and it’s super cheap to get a handful of tortillas (about 50¢ for four people). This means the poorest of people are fed but are often lacking in vitamins and vital nutrients. And it tears me up to watch people at/from home throw away sometimes plates of food at a time. What one person throws away could feed two people a solid meal! We’re just so used to excess that even in the face of poverty, it takes effort to consider the hungry among us and in other places. 
Here’s what gets me more: I’m seeing the exact same thing happening in our churches. All around us are people starving for the truth and hope of Jesus Christ, and we’re busy munching on, hoarding, and sometimes complaining about the abundance we have. When we don’t like part of it, we throw it away – the very thing that could yank a soul out of despair and bring it to life. We dish out milk when people really need meat, and then we wonder why they aren’t healthy enough to serve and work. 

I’d be remiss if I didn’t acknowledge that many are really doing things right. But I can’t help but wonder – but know – that we can do MORE. 

It starts with going out and finding the hungry who are burned out or don’t have the strength to make it to where we are. With bowing low in humility and making them part of our world because Jesus made us part of His. With purging our hoarded spiritual (and material, too, sometimes) goods and giving them to those who are hungry for life. With stepping out of our programs and preferences and stepping into messy Kingdom life wherever we are. 

It starts with me. It starts with you. It starts with us. 



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