They say You speak more quietly the closer we get to You, the longer we know You. They say You dwell within us, move through us, breathe into us. But sometimes it seems that there’s so much deep within us leaving little room for You. That we can’t stay still long enough for You to move. That we’re too busy talking and You can’t get a breath or word in.

Other times, it seems that our hearers are broken or scrambled. We lift up heartfelt prayers and fragile desires in the form of prayers containing the deepest parts of ourselves, and we get riddles and puzzles in return. “How will this turn out, Lord?” And You say, “I am with you always.” …”But will it ____?” Silence.

                                                             (Source: neilpeterson.com )

We take these riddles and puzzles and fumble around with toddler hands to piece them together with our best knowledge of what the bigger picture looks like, our best knowledge of the sound of Your voice. We search for clues and find that You leave them everywhere. Digging deeper, pushing harder, searching longer, we find that, piece by piece, it begins to come together.

And at the end? We find that the search for a key to all the riddles isn’t leading us to an answer to our problems. It isn’t bringing us a “Yes” or “No” or “This way” or “That way”. It isn’t the key to unlock all doors – except for one. It’s the key that leads us straight to Your heart.