Their Eyes Were Watching God

Sometimes it gets so dark that you just have to sit. Sit and wait for the light to come back on. Sit and wait for it all to make sense…or not. Sit and listen to the unseen movements around you – because those unseen movements are the key, you see. And sometimes it looks like you’re staring at the dark. Sometimes while staring into that darkness, you want to bore holes into the mind and heart of the unfair God Who seemingly sends the storms.

But if you sit long enough – if you listen long enough to the unseen movement around you – you’ll begin to seeYou’ll begin to see the stuff that light doesn’t have to illuminate. You’ll begin to see that God’s been rearranging and moving all along while you’ve sat in the dark (because really, sometimes that’s all you can do). And when He finally turns the light back on in His time, you’ll see things you never dreamed possible before in the dark.

So if you’re in the light right now, take a long look around you. Remember. Engrave the image of His heart upon yours so you can look at it in the dark. And if you’re in the dark, waiting, sit tight. You can watch the storm or watch God – it’s up to you. But light will appear.

“We do not know what to do, but our eyes are on you.” 2 Chronicles 20:12