About the Blog:

“Fréamhacha agus sciatháin” means “roots and wings” in Irish Gaelic. This is a blog about the One who has etched His name upon roots deeper than any tree can possess and about the wings like eagles He gives to those who wait on Him. This blog is a drum for Him.


About Me:

  • coffee addict
  • bibliophile
  • language geek
  • former social media manager
  • dabbler in the Arts
  • unabashed Trekkie
  • mildly obsessed with trees (I took the main blog photo at Falls Park on the Reedy River.)
  • Okay, I’m more than mildly obsessed with trees.
  • Tweeter
  • foodie/amateur chef
  • teacher
  • former wanderer at heart turned home
  • follower of Christ